I didn’t get my minutes from the January Area Assembly.

How can I get them resent to me?

Click this box to email the Area Secretary

How do I get my group’s potluck flyer on the website?

Unfortunately, we are unable to post every flyer for every group event on our website so we only post District and State events. If you have a District sponsored event flyer or Area event, click this box to email the website committee a flyer in PDF format.

I’m the new GSR for my home group.

Who do I tell to update our group information?

Click this box to email the Area Registrar.

Our meeting no longer meets on Thursday nights.

How do I get the information changed on the meeting list schedule?

Click this box to email the Area Registrar.

Think you might have a problem with alcohol?

Click this box to find a meeting near you or call the Central Office Hotline (501) 664-7303 (Answered 24/7)